I'm a newbie to C# programming and .NET framework.
I have the following q's

1. Can i send the SOAP/HTTP request to apache server
(apache doesnt host a web service(in this case)

2. I need to extract the SOAP message by the extension module (i have written
for apache) and forward it to my Appserver?

All i need is a way to send SOAP request to Apache which should be processed
by the extension module.

I tried using C# client with configuration options of the client as follows
(there is no .NET server)

<application name="AdderClient">

<client url="http://<ip-addr>/RemotingAdder">
<wellknown type="Adder.AdderService, Adder" url="http://<ipaddr>/RemotingAdder/AdderService.soap"

<channel ref="http client" />


Is there any configuration changes needed on Apache server?

Please clarify.