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Thread: AJAX not working after computer restore

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    Aug 2007

    AJAX not working after computer restore

    Hi Folks,

    My computer died so I restored a recent backup. The problem now is is while this script:


    require_once('../includes/php/Application.php'); // Global functions
    include('includes/header.php'); // Form header

    $username = 'xxxxx';
    $password = 'xxxxx';

    $db = mysql_connect( '', $username, $password )
    or die( mysql_error() );

    $proto = mysql_selectdb( 'proto3', $db )
    or die( mysql_error() );

    $result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM Country");

    while ( $row = mysql_fetch_array( $result,MYSQL_ASSOC ) )
    print "Country: " . $row{'Country'} . "\n";

    works fine from the command line, it doesn't work on the web portal I'm designing. I have an Apache server running and it seems to be running fine but I'm not getting a connection to my database.

    This is my first ever web project so forgive me if I'm a little green. My guess is maybe there is a configuration I haven't set upon the restore but perhaps someone has some helpful advice!


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    Aug 2007
    Just as an addition I also have extension=php_mysql.dll uncommented in the php.ini file.

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