Here is the situation, I have an aspx page with 10 buttons on it, when each button is clicked I load a user control using the following statement,


In each control there is a Label a Textbox and a Datagrid, When the contol loads to the page, Both the label and textbox display fine but there is no datagrid, Here is the code that I am using in the Page_Load of the user control

Protected Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load
logPath = Request.MapPath("~\\Log\\")

dateFrom = Convert.ToDateTime(Request.QueryString("DateFrom"))
dateTo = Convert.ToDateTime(Request.QueryString("DateTo"))

AmexDataMgr.ListForCollection(dsn, uid, pwd, PriBox, SecBox, Sys, Prod, Serv, db_app, dateFrom, dateTo, "A", "A", coll, logPath)
coll = Me.LoadCollection(coll)

If Not Page.IsPostBack Then

End If

End Sub

And the code for BindData():-

Private Sub BindData()
Me.DataGridCtrl.DataSource = coll

End Sub

What am I doing wrong here?? any help would be really appreciated,

Thanks in advance