I know how to use ajax to change a pages appearance without reloading the whole page again. I want to know if anyone knows of a way to change a pages appearance with php instead of javascript. Below is the method I use to initially make my page work.

<div id="contactboxdiv" style="display:<?php echo $colors['contactdisplay'];?>;left:<?php echo $colors['contactleft'];?>"></div

As you can see, I call certain php variables to fill in my html. I want to change these attributes by updating the php. In Ajax, you use javascript to ultimately change the appearnce. I want to know if I can reload just the php with the new styleing attributes, instead of document.getElementById('contactbox').style.display.......
I would like to update my $colors['contactdisplay'] php variable and have it re-print it. Is this possible? Did I make any sense?