Hi Folks,

I have an interesting little problem that, for someone as new as I to AJAX is confusing.

I have a form that contains 28 fields. I perform 6 calls to a MySQL database to populate this data. In Firefox I have never had a problem but IE sometimes fails to populate the data on this form.

On my form I have two fields (that are drop down menus): Country and Province/State. The Country list is first populated and then depending on the selected country the appropriate Province/State list is populated. The remaining calls are not nested in this way and do not depend on one another.

So far I've tried to put a wait time when readystate == 3 but that doesn't seem to work. In the failed cases there doesn't seem to be any change in the readystate value.

Does anyone have an idea of what may be going on here and/or how to fix it?