Hey guys, I'm looking for a C++ coder to join my team creating an Everquest Emulator PvP(Player vs. Player) server. We're fairly far along in the project already but I've failed so far to find a coder to help customize some of the emulator code.

About the original game:
Everquest is a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game (mmorpg). It's about 7 years old but it's hardcore play-style is still desired as games become more like world of warcraft.

You don't need to be a c++ wizard or anything, but a moderate skill level would be good. Nor do you need to devote too much time. As long as your making progress.

Some of the major things you would be working on:

* PvP teams
* Tweaking resist rates
* PvP item loot
* PvP points system

If you're interested please e-mail me at moydock@yahoo.com or reply here with the languages you know, and your experience. Please also include what interests you about the project. Thanks for your time.

-Dexter Alkus
Pandemic PvP Server