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Thread: Problem with alignment of checkboxes in HTML page

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    Problem with alignment of checkboxes in HTML page


    I have placed several check boxes inside a table element, that show up in a single row,
    on a html page. The problem is that when I shrink the web page the check boxes alignment
    goes off, that is they start to show up in mutiple rows on the web page. What I want to
    achieve is that, how much ever I shrink my web page, the check boxes must maintain there
    alignment i.e. they should not split into multiple rows. How can I do that?.Do I have to use any JS script for that?.If so please suggest me.
    I have around 8 check boxes, showing up in a single row. Width and Height of the table are
    set to 100% and 50 respectively.The check boxes are HTML based.


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    Don't use a 100% but a fixed width .. the browser do that to prevent the apparition of horizontal scrollbars ... but for fixed size it will force the scrollbars to appear ...
    Programmer&Cracker CS

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    In addition to setting width="100%", try setting the CSS attribute minWidth to a pixel value (say 100px or whatever you find appropriate according to your maximum width of checkbox labels). If you wanted to set the width dynamically, you would have to use JavaScript.
    If you don't know CSS, setting min-width (minWidth in JavaScript/DOM) can be done by setting the style attribute of the <td> element or <table> element like so:
    <table width="100%" style="min-width:100px">...
    Last edited by Razee Marikar; 11-13-2007 at 08:38 AM. Reason: Mistake: it should min-width was written as minWidth

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    If the checkboxes are all in the same cell, you can use the NOWRAP option:

    <TD .... NOWRAP>

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