Current working file is here:

link to the css file is here:

The issue is that I have a background with an associated navigation bar that need to align bottom. I've got that part all figured out and working. However, the snag is that if the browser window is shrunken to a small vertical height, the bottom navigation bar (and associated background) keeps riding up and then gets mixed up with the other content. Conversely, if the page is extra long in content and so needs to scroll, then the bottom bar and background is aligned to the bottom of the window, rather than the page.

Obviously this has to do with absolute vs. relative positioning and is not working how I want it to work.

Right now I'm guessing that I need to switch to a relative postioning, but I'm hoping that maybe there are some other fixes that I don't know about. I've tried a few things, but am just kind of wasting time and need to get this figured out.