i have JSP page (Server side code);
String tempar=displayBeanId.readWrittenfile(targetFile);
String temp21=displayBeanId.readWrittenfile(srpath1+"_bad.txt");
i am recieving result from out.print("|FILE-XML|"+temp21); into the javascript variable at CLIENT SIDEi.e.
var res=ajaxObject.responseText;[/color]

the data sent over this medium is huge (larger files are processed normally-15MB+ data).
temp21 --> it gets printed correctly on server TOMCAT6. using System.out.print method.
AJAX used to get server side data in var res=ajaxObject.responseText

using out.print(temp21) to pass using AJAX it gives JAVA HEAP ?
Is there any limitation to javascript datatype (var) ?

SUGGESST BEST SOLUTION as soon as possible