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Thread: Web Control/Inner Property not persisting

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    Aug 2006

    Lightbulb Web Control/Inner Property not persisting

    Hi -

    I've got a web control with a property defined as a persisted inner property (the inner xml of an XmlDocument exchanged as a string through this particular property).

    I can set the value in design mode within the properies window and the source code shows this initial value. However, switching back to design mode shows the property to be a zero-length string.

    The content I put in the inner property in the source code of the aspx on which the control is implemented seems to remain unaffected.

    The value set by the property does not persist at run-time either. There's other web controls in this particular library we're writing that do the same thing and work, so I'd guess there's some declaration or pecularity that I've missed!!




    Property declared as (C#, .NET 2):

    public string MenuItemsXML {
    get {
    if (xmlPageContent == null) {
    xmlPageContent = new XmlDocument();

    return xmlPageContent.InnerXml;
    set {
    if (xmlPageContent == null) {
    xmlPageContent = new XmlDocument();

    try {
    } catch (Exception excThis) {
    throw new ImproperXmlPropertyException("Check your menu item XML is categorised correctly:\n\n<menuItems>\n\t<menuItem id=\"name_value\">\n\t\t<label />\n\t\t<iconPath dynamic=\"true\" />\n\t\t<shortcutKey /><action type=\"function\" /></menuItem></menuItems>", excThis);

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    As is always the case on these problems, you find the solution after resorting to asking the question!!!

    I'd got a ParseChildren attribute on the web control itself, where the inner property wasn't typed to be readied by a custom designer and control builder. Simply removing the attribute from the class allowed the persistance correctly.

    Problem solved.

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