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Thread: HELP: split up source file into segments automatically....

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    HELP: split up source file into segments automatically....

    This is not really language specific but more of a source code parsing.

    I have a large ASP source file that I like to split up, resulting in separate ASP files, each containing one function and the filename named after that function.

    Does anyone know of a tool/script which does this?

    PS: I am too lazy to learn Perl/AWK/Python to do this, hence why I believe someone has already written a tool/script to do this. Possibly in C++/etc.

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    unles its really, really big or you do this a lot, its probably faster to do by hand than write code.

    If you need code, figure out what the start and end of a block looks like and match on that, then write the stuff in between into a file. Should be just a few lines of c++.

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