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Thread: Interview Question, Please Help

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    Quote Originally Posted by homework help
    Why did you ban it career ? What wrong did he do by asking this question ?
    I don't think it would be appropriate to discuss it on the forum. However, please rest assured that he wasn't banned because of asking this question (which is excellent btw) but for completely other reasons. The decision to do that was accepted by all DevX moderators.
    Danny Kalev

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    As I understand interviewers, this one probably meant that he wanted the task manager to show 50% (ie approx 50%, not accurate), when nothing else is running and not considering the mouse hovers, the fluctuations caused by explorer.exe, background processes and such. Most interviewers want to know HOW you approach a problem... whether you will put up silly, nonsense arguments, or will try to approach the problem in a logical way. And, in Windows, I don't think NOOP is taken into account while calculating the CPU time. I believe that CPU % time is 100-(CPU time% of System Idle Process). Again if its a NOOP or a HALT with a Timer/other interrupt is unknown to me. (I couldn't find any documentation regarding that one).

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonnin
    fortunately, cores come in even numbers
    Tangential, to be sure, but...

    AMD Adds Multi-Core Triple Threat to Desktop Roadmap

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