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Thread: Interface With Fujitsu SnapScan, Not TWAIN

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    Interface With Fujitsu SnapScan, Not TWAIN

    The company I work for is trying to automate scanning of documents and linking them to a record in a database (link is a saved path to the document, not the document itself). To achieve this we would like to write a custom interface for the scanning. The problem: we have several Fujitsu SnapScan fi-5110E and fi-5110E0X2 scanners deployed around our company which are not TWAIN or ISIS compatible. I have found several controls and other info for programming against TWAIN, but these will not work with our scanners. Does anyone have any ideas on what API's or other things to look into to accomplish our task with these scanners? Thanks.

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    It situations like this my first question is have you contacted the vendor to see if they have an SDK available for their product?

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    Thanks for the reply.

    I studied the way their software works and discovered that you can register your own program to capture the scanned document. To use it this way it has to save the document as a pdf or jpeg to a temp file first and then passes the file path as an argument to the program. We are simply moving the file to a specific directory with the name we want. This method still requires a little human interaction to link the document to a record in the database. It's still saving time due to the fact that it can be done right at scan time rather than going into two seperate programs, one to scan and another to link.

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    So, does this resolve, more or less, the issue or do you still have questions?

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    This resolves the issue. Thanks.

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