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Thread: HELP: IE7 pop-up blocker bypass

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    HELP: IE7 pop-up blocker bypass

    I have a problem with a child window using the parent's FORM to do a submission/post to open a new window. This is being blocked by IE7. This is happening when accessing an external website that is not listed in the IE7 pop-up blocker allow list.

    If the current page does a FORM submission/post to target "_blank" then this is allowed and a new window pops up. However, if the new child window calls; then this is blocked.

    I am developing a website and I don't want to tell users how to setup their popup blocker. I wish to find a way to get around this problem. Does anyone know how to allow a child window use it's parent window's form to do a submission/post to target "_blank"? without being stopped by IE7 pop-up blocker?

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    the parent window contains the main form with all the hidden input elements for posting & also correct URL, etc. the child windows know nothing about the URL nor does it have any forms of it's own. the child window would call the parent window's form to submit... to OpenDoc.asp to open a new child window. I do not want the child window to open another child window within itself. Only the parent window should be allowed to open many child windows.

    Get what I mean?

    I even tried writing a auxillary function in the parent window to openDoc()... and the child window calls this openDoc in the parent window. But this still gets blocked. It's like as if IE7 knows the original caller.

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    The aim of using the pop-up blocker was to prevent any pop ups (in the highest security level) from opening via script. Even if a script tries to open a popup by sending a form from the main window (a script not triggered by a button), it will be prevented. Try to think what the developers intended to do: stop ALL pop ups. If they have done their work well, I don't think there is any alternative but to make the client explicitly set up their pop up blocker settings. But I do think that signed scripts have an exception here. They can open windows, provided that the signed script ends up by a root provider which is in the trusted certifiers list.

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    can helps ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Razee Marikar
    I don't think there is any alternative but to make the client explicitly set up their pop up blocker settings.
    I agree with this.

    You can alter the settings for your IE session, but not someone else's (at least, you should never mess with how another has their browser configured).

    This brings up another question of, how important is it to have this pop up in your app?

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