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Thread: VC++ map

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    Nov 2007

    VC++ map

    Hi guys,

    I'm having problems with using map in VC++, here is the function that I'm making:

    void GLMesh::convertToDiffCoord(Mesh *m)
    	//get the pointer to the list of pointers to all vertices
    	list<Vertex*>* v = m->get_vertices();
    	//initialize a map that will map each vertex pointer with an unique key
    	map<int, Vertex*> VMap;
    	//initialize iterator for the pointer list v
    	list<Vertex*>::iterator vi;
    	//iterate through the list and map each member in the list with a unique value
    	for (int i=0; i<v->size(); i++)
    		for(vi = v->begin(); vi != v->end(); vi++)
    			VMap[i] = v->[i];
    I keep getting the error :"syntex error '[' ", any idea what's wrong?

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    Nov 2003
    You probably want this:

    VMap[i] = v[i];

    v is a pointer, and pointers can be treated as array names.
    Danny Kalev

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    Dec 2003
    -> breaks out class members; its used for a pointer to a multi-field variable.
    [] is how you get to a location in an array of the same object.

    and you can mix and match, an array of classes might give you
    thingy[10]->field = 3;

    you can also use * instead of [] to make you code uglier, you see this in C code or in c++ code written by C programmers.

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