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Thread: Objects and pointers

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    Objects and pointers


    I have the following code :-

    RWCollectable* SpotRateReconciler::getHashKey(DisplayObject* pObject)
    SpotRate* pSpotRate = (SpotRate*)pObject;
    return new RWCollectableString(pSpotRate->getBASE_CCY() + ":" + pSpotRate->getCCY());

    DisplayObject* SpotRateReconciler::createObject()
    SpotRate* pSpotRate = new SpotRate;


    return pSpotRate;

    I would like to access SpotRate methods from createObject(), e.g. pSpotRate ->getCCY(), however, as you can see DisplayObject* pObject isn't being passed to createObject() and I'm not in a position to change this or any other function definition (those are APIs provided by a third party vendor).

    The whole idea is getHashKey() shows the current details in the database and createObject() creates a new object of SpotRate. I need to access the old values from within getHashKey() before the 'new' takes place.

    You may ask why not do the whole processing within getHashKey() ? The reason for this is because this method is being called a number of times and if I need to do my processing only once. I know I can use a global counter, e.g. :-
    counter = 0;
    RWCollectable* SpotRateReconciler::getHashKey(DisplayObject* pObject)
    // current code
    if (++counter == 1)
    // do processing

    However, this is probably not very nice.

    Can someone please help ?



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    Your question isn't very clear. Particulalrly, which functions are yours and which ones are RogueWave's? Anyway, why not keep a pointer to the object you need in a separate block and then access that pointer? It should point to the same object until you delete it. In other words, cache the object locally in the program itself.
    Danny Kalev

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