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in th click event of the update button, see if the checkboxes item by item is checked, for each checked item add the proper quantity in a variable and finally add this quantity to the old one found at the previous total textbox ..
or maybe .. track the event ::OnClick for the checkbox and just add or substract from the existing value depending whether the user check or uncheck
Ok. What is the code for checking if it is checked.. checkBox1->CheckChanged?
Also, I'm not 100% sure on how to make it add to the total. The default is 00.00. I did it before but it came out as 00.000.50 (added 0.50 to it)..

Should I make a Float(?) that is = "0.50" because there is a tab full of items that only cost "0.50" (not final price, just need to work it out) ?

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you maybe need to generate a good readable email form, for example save in a string :
"From: " + emailFrom + "\n" + "checkbox1 value is: " + check1 + ...
of course change checkbox1 value by a propper desciption, I think sending this form will be better.
Ok. I will have to look into doing this once I have the price problem sorted out.

Sorry for all the questions..
Thanks for your help!