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Thread: why many sites ?

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    Oct 2005

    Arrow why many sites ?

    Hello everybody !

    I have maybe a strange question, why there is more than forums here for "developers" title ?
    devx, codeguru, devoloper, vbforums,.. ?

    and why not putting them all in one basket with a big database ??

    I belive that graphics and linux forums should be far from here, but what about all those websites with the same title [developer discussions] ?

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    Feb 2004
    Indianapolis, IN
    Let me answer with a analogy --

    Why are there lots of different restaurants that all server food? They all serve food, so why not just have one restaurant that servers all types of food?

    Each of the forums started on their own with their own focus. Each has their own community. Some people visit more than one. Some people don't. Each have their own flair and personality. As such, each caters to its own community. Just like there are lots of different restaurants, there can be lots of different forums. Granted there is a bit of overlap, but then there is overlap between Wendy's, Burger King, and McDonalds too. People like the subtle differences.

    Putting them all together wouldn't necessarily make a better, bigger forum.

    Bradley L. Jones
    Author, and more.
    QuinStreet Enterprise Network / Network
    (,, DevX, jGuru, and more!)


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    Oct 2005
    Thanks Brad for answer;

    If today I want to eat a burger, tomorow maybe I want a PIZZA .
    but for software development, if I want to ask or answer question, where should I go ?
    for example if I'm who want to ASK a question, today in programming I will go to devX, tomorow in graphics I will go to graphics ... but if I'm who want to give answers ... I think I can give some developments answers so I'll go to devX for ever -if it's only the dev web site-
    But now the problem is which one is better to post in my question and have better and faster answers ? or should I post my questions in ALL forums so that I get a heigher probability ? and foe the other side, which one is better to stay in it and give my answers codeguru for example ? so what if someone discuss here a good topic and I won't be able to see it there ? I know this is not everything, and there is other dev-forums websites but it's like the comparision betw BurgerKing's burger and McDonald's burger .. personally i prefer king's because I feel it's better, same for forums ... I choosed here because I think that here is better ... but under the development title only there is too many websites so how can we decide which one to choose and which one to leave ... and again I ask to make them all in one basket ! as the BIGGEST DEVELOPMENT DISCUSSION FORUMS with the biggest number of members who give answers [sum of who is here, codeguru, and all] and topics and discussions .... it's just a suggestion .... and I have another 2 questions but I prefer to ask them after your answer. thanks
    btw: if any moderator here has some opinion please post it here .. thanks for every body.

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    Apr 2007
    Sterling Heights, Michigan
    For one, I belong to a number of discussion forums. Some I visit on a regular basis, some I visit from time to time. It all depends on the purpose of my visit.

    In keeping with Brad's analogy, sometimes I'm in the mood for one type of food, other times I'm in the mood for a different kind. I'm glad there is more than one choice for food, just as I'm glad there is more than one choice for answers to develpment questions.

    We are a global community, and global communities, almost by definition, cater to diviersity, and it is this diversity that make each and everyone one of the various development discussion forum sites worthwhile.

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