Hi All !

I am having three projects and one of them is a Web Service. Out of the
other two, one is a Business Logic Component and the other one is the data
Access layer Component. In the business Logic Component I have referenced
the data Access Component and have made the flag "Copy Local" to false. From
the Web Service Project I am refering to the Business Logic Component and
again the Copy Local flag is set to false. Now when I am trying to run the
web service from the browser although its showing the Web Service page but
when I invoke a particular Web Method, its giving an error saying the
business layer component is missing.
But when copy the DLL locally in the bin folder of the Web Service , its
works fine. I know you need either a local copy of the referenced DLL, or
that assembly should be registered in the GAC. But neither I want to make a
local copy nor I want to register the Assembly in GAC. Is there any way out
for this, taking into consideration the contraints that I have?