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Thread: Union query

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    Union query

    Will you help me built a union query ? I have 2 queries, qryinput and qryoutput.Out of these query i have a third query called qryDiff substracting these
    queries. However qryDiff does not show all the goods sold, only those goods that are substracted.Therefore i want to build an union query but somehow i cannot do it. Will you help ?

    My first query, qryinput is :
    SELECT [order details].ProductID, Sum([order details].Quantity) AS Sum1, orders.orderid
    FROM (orders INNER JOIN [order details] ON orders.orderid = [order details].OrderID) INNER JOIN products ON [order details].ProductID = products.Productid
    GROUP BY [order details].ProductID, orders.orderid;
    My second query, qryoutput is :

    SELECT [order details].ProductID, orders.orderid, [order details].Quantity AS Sum2
    FROM ((orders INNER JOIN [order details] ON orders.orderid = [order details].OrderID) INNER JOIN Customers ON orders.customerid = Customers.Customerid) INNER JOIN products ON [order details].ProductID = products.Productid;

    My thirs query, qryDiff is :

    SELECT qryProducts.ProductID, Sum(qryInput.Sum1) AS imported, Sum(qryOutput.Sum2) AS exported
    FROM (qryProducts LEFT JOIN qryInput ON qryProducts.ProductID = qryInput.ProductID) LEFT JOIN qryOutput ON qryProducts.ProductID = qryOutput.ProductID
    GROUP BY qryProducts.ProductID;

    Now i want to convert the query qryDiff into an union query, but i cannot do it.I somehow managed to build a simple query showing all the products:
    SELECT ProductID
    FROM qryInput
    FROM qryOutput;
    This query shows the productsid indeed, but i cannot add the other items form the qryinput and qryoutput as the sum etc.
    I also i cannot convert my query qryDiff into an uinion query, with fields for the imported and the exported sums and also for the product names.
    Where is my error and now could i achieve my aim? My aim is that in the query qryDiff to show all the products, and not only the products sold.

    I will be very grateful for any comments

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    Phil Weber

    Please post questions to the forums, where others may benefit.
    I do not offer free assistance by e-mail. Thank you!

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    A subselect would work better.

    SELECT ProductID, (Select Sum([order details].Quantity) FROM [order details] WHERE [order details].ProductID = Products.ProductID) AS Quantity
    FROM Products

    To get import and export data you need a way to identify the difference. Maybe that is what you are doing with the customer table (that is not good design).

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    Wouldn't you need a GROUP BY productid with that?

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    Productid should be unique in the products table.

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