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Thread: YV12 viewer

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    YV12 viewer


    Iím trying to display an YV12 image. I capture it from my mobile device and send to a PC via wireless. I send the data taken from the mobile device directly, without doing anything with it. Then, in the PC, I want to view it but I donít know what to do with the raw data.

    I tried to convert to RGB but when I visualize it, itís different from the image taken with the device (since I preview the image in the mobile device at the same time).

    The goal is to do a conference system between the mobile device and the PC using c++. Iím using DirectShow too, if itís of any help.


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    this might help. The format you mention looks aggravating, to say the least, but it *is* an open format and many sites on the web describe it, this one had source code.

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    Thanks for the reply but it's just the other way round...I would need conversion from YV12 to RGB but I wanted to know if I can give the renderer the YV12 raw data directly without any conversion, since the conversion doesn't work for my application (I don't know why not).:(

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    you cannot just display this format in directdraw - it is a form of mpeg compression (its the basis for several codecs) so you will have to turn it into rgb *or* embed an mpeg player and a find a codec that can handle this format.

    My bad, I thought that link had both to and from conversions.

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    As for understanding the format YUV formats, this page might be of value:

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