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Thread: sending notes.txt to computer using Mobile via bluetooth

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    Jan 2008

    sending notes.txt to computer using Mobile via bluetooth

    I am sending notes, txt by my mobile nokia 2630 to my desktop PC computer windows XP via bluetooth (it has a usb bluetooth adapter Kensighton using a software from the company WIDCOMM Bluetooth software and the problem I have is that: every time I send the note.txt it never change the name. I mean, every note I send I lost my last note and It just replace the last note I've sent with the name Nokia.

    At the bluetooth of my Mac computer each txt file I send arrives with a diferent name, for example nokia#1, nokia#2, etc....
    But in my pc it doesnt happen.
    Do you know why?
    with the images and videos files it gos correctly, each one I send arrives with a different name.

    Do you know how can I get a different names for notes.txt in my PC, using the software kensighton WIDCOMM Bluetooth software

    thanks so much,


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    During the sending process is there no where to instruct it what to send the text file as?

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    Jan 2008
    I can choose the folder where it goes, but when arrive a new file to my computer using the mobile it doesnt storage the message, it only replaces the old message.
    For example, I send one message and it arrives in my chose folder if the name nokia.txt, and if I send another message the first message disappear and substitute the old message with same name nokia.txt

    this is the problem. ive tried also in a laptop PC computer and is the same thing. only in mac it arrives with different names as nokia#1, the second nokia#2, the third nokia#3 and so on.

    Do you know how to solve this?

    ive tried to download any softwares as nokia pc suite, but still the same..

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    Apr 2007
    Sterling Heights, Michigan
    My suggestion would be to take the notes.txt file, each time you receive a new copy, and either rename it yourself or move it to a different folder so that the next notes.txt doesn't overlay the current one.

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    I assume it has to do with the file system that the target system card supports. I think Hack's suggestion is the most practical solution to this problem.
    Danny Kalev

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