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Thread: Tool for exhaustive API trace with runtime values for any program & its children?

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    Tool for exhaustive API trace with runtime values for any program & its children?

    I am looking for a tool (command line linux / solaris) which can return a list of api calls at the kernel level (or C/C++ equivalent) for a given program and all its child processes. It should work with scripts (shell, perl, etc...), binaries, code being compiled etc. The basic idea is to profile the program runtime execution in a fine grained manner and figure out the values its reading/writing, files its reading and writing, libraries its accessing etc. to have an exhaustive description of its run.

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    There used be an excellent tool called Bug Trapper by uTec (mu-tech, that is). It does exactly what you're looking for and I believe that at some point they also ported it to Unix, so you want to run a search with these keywords on Google or simply contact uTec by email. It's not free, but it works just great. I used it on Windows many times and was amazed to see how all those highly-opyimized .exe betray their implementation details: API calls, variables' names, etc. etc.
    Danny Kalev

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