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Thread: getvolumeinformationa always returning 0

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    Jan 2008

    getvolumeinformationa always returning 0

    Alright so here's the function:
    DWORD dwVolSerial;
    BOOL bIsRetrieved;
    export double blahblah()
        bIsRetrieved = GetVolumeInformationA("C:\\",NULL,0,&dwVolSerial,NULL,NULL,NULL,0);
       if (bIsRetrieved) {
          //printf("Serial number of drive C is %X\n",dwVolSerial);
          return((double) dwVolSerial);
       } else {
          //printf("Could not retrieve\n");
    Anyway it's supposed to return the hdd's serial number but it's always returning 0. Anyone know why?

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    Dec 2003
    my computer has no idea what "export" is but once I pulled that word off the function it worked like a charm. At least the print statements inside it did. The number it found matched the one that "dos" prints from the "dir" command. (try that in an empty folder and it will print the SN).

    I do not know if perhaps you are messing it up by casting it into a double. Did you do this?

    double d = blahblah();
    printf("%x\n", d); /// BIG MISTAKE, D IS A DOUBLE %X IS INTEGER

    or something along those lines???

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