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Thread: system stops responding without throwing any exception

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    Exclamation system stops responding without throwing any exception

    Application is developed using C#, and SQL Server 2005. I am facing a problem in which system actually stops responding without throwing any exception. Whenever there are more than two users concurrently posting the data into the system, it causes the problem. Sometimes it works absolutely normal and sometime its stops responding. Once this problem is observed, other .NET applications deployed in the same machine behave similarly.

    So far what I've done is, I deployed the similar application to other machines and still facing the similar problem. While doing all this, I also ensured the memory consumption & cpu usage, and both were pretty much ok.

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    First, if this is a mission critical application I would suggest you conect Microsoft Support for immediate help as this is not something that can be quickly resolved in a forum.

    There are a number of resources that may help here, having been on the support side of Microsoft for 6.5 years I can tell you that there is no easy answer for your. I can also say that it would be very hard to transfer all the knowledge I gained during those years via a forum post, but I'll see what I can provide.

    Here's a list of the books I typically recommend someone interested in debugging read:

    Debugging Applications for .NET and Windows

    Windows Internals

    Applied .NET Framework

    The first thing you would need to diagnose this problem is to download the Debugging Tools for Windows. Once you have these it would require that you get a dump (using adplus.vbs from the debugging tools) of the processes in question when the problem occurs. These would likely be an ASNNET.exe, W3SVC.exe, DLLHOST.exe, or other process depending on the version if IIS/Windows and how you have things configured. Once you have the dump file you could use Windbg (from the debugging tools). I'd look for deadlocking threads, or a blocking SQL call as the likely culprit. You may also need to run SQL Profiler to see what's going on in the database.

    David Wang also has a great blog post on debugging IIS6 problems.
    John Wiese
    ISV Architect Evangelist - Microsoft

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