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Thread: Difference in incuding header files?

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    May 2007

    Difference in incuding header files?

    Can someone explain the difference between

    # include<stdio.h>
    # include "stdio.h"

    I am a newbie. So pls. explain it simple & clear.

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    Nov 2003
    As per the standard, <xxx.h> and <xxx> are reserves for standard library headers, and "xxx.h" are for user-defined headers. In reality, many implementations freely confuse the two. There is also a difference with respect to the default search path, so the best idea is to stick to <xx.h> when dealing with standard headers.
    Danny Kalev

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    May 2007
    Can you explain in detail about the difference in the search path used by both?

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    Dec 2003
    its complex.

    your IDE like visual studio can have a ton of folders to search in the project settings. At the simplest, the defaut for "" includes is just the place where the project file is, (usually where main.cpp is, or whatever you named it). The <> includes can also be many places, but these are determined by the installer for your IDE and the compiler simply knows where to look (although you can point it elsewhere, if you have a very good reason, like an alternate stl or math implementation etc).

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    Jan 2008
    <stdio.h> can use standard header file. "stdio.h" like this the header file in commas are user defined header files. If user wants to use other programm in it so it can use it by adding this programm as a header file. But the both way are same.

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