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Thread: Arrays?

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    Jan 2008

    Question Arrays?

    As runing of array lead 2 d catastrophic failurez then Y duznt C++ provide bound checking on array operations and who is responsible to prevent array overruns?
    Please response with detail

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    Jan 2005
    Bounds checking costs: First and foremost time, and secondly space.
    C++ was created with performance in mind (both in memory and in speed).
    So the answer to your second question: you are responsible for bounds-checking.
    But if you are used to that a language takes care of bounds-checks (probably you previously programmed in Java or so): You can use the slightly safer containers of the STL which are nearly as efficient as raw C++ POTs.
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    Thanks for d Reply
    what other users think ?

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    well, sorry danny, but ill reply in kind:

    babysitting is for nubz. Lrn2program, k?

    Many of our readers are not speaking english as their first language, so it would be a friendly gesture to keep leet speak for your myspace page. It makes it hard to have a professional discussion across many countries and all that.

    Babysitting your array bounds is done for you by some compilers, and you can use vectors which will resize for you if you are willing to pay for the wasted time. But it is also just a programming skill to not overstep your size. Mastering that will help you with pointers and other bugs alike.

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    I'm under the weather these days, so thanks jonnin for taking charge of this <high thumb up>!
    The OP has received excellent replies, so I don't have much to add to them.
    Danny Kalev

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