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Thread: Sorting DataGridView & Keeping Rows In a bunch

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    Sorting DataGridView & Keeping Rows In a bunch

    i am trying to do two things inside the datagridview. i have a datagridview that show the details of orders. i want to sort the grid by ROUTE then sub sort by ORDER# then sub sort by LINE NUMBER

    1. is there a way to do that type of sorting
    2. if there is not a way to do that type of sorting is there a way of grouping rows together. for example can i make each order a group so when i sort it knows to keep all those rows together

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    In a datagridview, you have the option to perform your own sorting on the items. The DGV object contains a Sort method that you can pass a class that implements IComparer.

    You create this class and handle the compare through a Compare function where you are passed 2 DataGridViewRow items and you need to say which is greater (or if they are equal).

    Inside of the Compare, you can do anything you want to determine the order including looking at multiple column/call values.

    See "Custom Sorting Using the IComparer Interface " on the following page:

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