I have found that I need the [serialization()] indication before the
class in order to properly serialize a message and deserialize it when I
read it. But it seems that I can only write a message with a managed object
other than a Message type object. For example, a string. But,
I want to be able to send an object of type Message() in order to use some
of it's many properties. The way I have it working now, I
can only use the .Body and .Label properties.

My code looks like this currently:

//This works......
outputQueues[queueNext].Send("Linda Body of Message", "Linda Label");

//This does not work......
Message myMessage = new Message();
myMessage.Label = "Linda Label";
myMessage.Body = "Linda Body of Message";
myMessage.AppSpecific = 0;

When I read a message that was written with the second method shown here,
I get a message that the message cannot be deserialized. Serialization format