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Thread: assembly pattern

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    Dec 2006

    assembly pattern

    someone is aware of program that can recognize patterns in assembly ? (in "patterns" i mean , recognize "entering" to funcion section and so on..)
    thanks !

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    What assembly?

    Are you talking about the assembly language?

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    Oct 2005
    just search for a "Disassembler" .. it will do all the work .. I'm not inclined to share specific one here .. rather than mine !

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    Apr 2007
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    Quote Originally Posted by mystic-d
    (in "patterns" i mean , recognize "entering" to funcion section and so on..)
    I don't know what you mean by this. Could you provide some more details?

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    Dec 2003
    every assembly language (and its binary counterpart, for that matter) have specific commands to do this, you can build a list by studying that language/binary.

    For example, you might have
    1) a jump statement. Jumps are like a goto -- you could be using them as an if statement (if this do next 5 statements, else jump past them) or you could be jumping around from segment to segment in a fashion that is sort of like subroutines

    2) calling a subroutine -- some assembly languages support full on subroutines or have tools that at least look like subroutines (by macros or something).

    3) fooling with odd chip specific stuff... for example fooling with a "code segment" register or a "data segment" register or an instruction pointer register.

    There are a variety of such things on every platform. The problem is that some things are difficult to second guess.. such as a jump for an "if-like statemet" vs a jump for a "procedure like block of code". For some things, you may never be able to tell just by parsing.

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    well what the disassembler do is not a heavy work and is not a problem at all ... any binary .. executable one consists of words ... those words are in 32-bit machine a 4 BYTE ... for each combination of this word there is a corresponded assembly command , after extracting the OP-Code and the Operand you can exactly disassemble the word .. beside that the New OS which has multi-processing , need a multi programming and multi sections in the code .. thus if you analyze the executable file you'll find in it section for code , section for data , section for header ... etc so that if you learn this file structure correctly you'll be able to disassemble it very easily ..

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    I wanna say also that .. there is no compilation from assembly to binary .. assembly is exactly the machine language which the machine understand .. learning and writting in assembly is just heavy because you do what the machine does ... after writing an assembly code you just need to assemble it in an executable file and nothing more .. it's also well known for that commands like J [for jumb] .. EQU and so on are very short they just hold a code that is replaced before assembling the file and this is exactly all .

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