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Thread: clicked submit but nothing happens

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    Mar 2008

    clicked submit but nothing happens

    Hello guys. When i enter <input type=\"submit\"></form> below amount30 it is ok, but below amount31 it doesnt work.
    What do u guys think? Or is there like a limit of data a form can send?

    "<tr>" +
       "<td><b>30</b> <input name=\"installmentdate30\" type=\"text\" size=\"10\" value=\"-\"></td>" +
       "<td><input name=\"installment30\" type=\"text\" size=\"40\" value=\"-\"></td>" +
       "<td><input name=\"receipt30\" type=\"text\" size=\"15\" value=\"-\"></td>" +
       "<td><input name=\"amount30\" type=\"text\" size=\"40\" value=\"-\"></td>" +
      "</tr>" +
     // insert <input type=\"submit\"></form> here, and the button can be clicked, then load to next page
      "<tr>" +
       "<td><b>31</b> <input name=\"installmentdate31\" type=\"text\" size=\"10\" value=\"-\"></td>" +
       "<td><input name=\"installment31\" type=\"text\" size=\"40\" value=\"-\"></td>" +
       "<td><input name=\"receipt31\" type=\"text\" size=\"15\" value=\"-\"></td>" +
       "<td><input name=\"amount31\" type=\"text\" size=\"40\" value=\"-\"></td>" +
      "</tr>" + 
     // but insert it here, button can't be clicked. No effect whatsoever.

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    Apr 2007
    Sterling Heights, Michigan
    There is no limit I'm aware of.

    Do you get any errors when you click the submit button, or does just nothing happen?

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    Mar 2008
    hi thanks for replying.

    well i get no error. just that the button supposed to link me to another page.

    it can be click, but it doesnt redirect me to the next page.

    however if i place it below amount30, everything is normal. strange huh

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