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Thread: I am looking for data entry job, or other jobs from home.

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    Juan Jones Jr. Guest

    I am looking for data entry job, or other jobs from home.

    Hello. my name is Juan J. Jones Jr. and i am disabled and i need to make some
    extra money. I was looking for a work at home job. i am intrested in data
    entry, or any other work at home job as long as it is not a scam. i don't
    have much money so i can't pay alot to start one of these work at home jobs.
    But if the job is real I am a really hard worker. and i learn things real
    fast. So if there are any real work at home jobs please e-mail me and let
    me know. i am really intrested in data entry jobs.
    E-mail me at

    Thank You,

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    Mar 2008
    Before some time I was in the same position - I knew that they are a lot of options for Internet money earning, but I did not know what is real and what is not. I also did not know about a friend who is involved in something like that…until one friend of my friend told me about

    Firstly, I want to tell you something IMPORTANT! About 100 $ is the lowest amount ot money which you can earn, in front of the computer, without education,english, etc. You must only want it.

    Second very important thing which you must know is that you must be 100 % sure that you will earn your money.
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    You can buy referals - when you are register you will see the information, and i must tell you - these are very easy money!

    When you are on the computer you should click for a few time and you will earn money.

    The ads are changing every day after 01:00 a.m., after 04:00a.m. there are another links, then at 11:00a.m.10,11 links are changing, then at13:30,15:00 (+/- 5 minutes )

    You could contact me at and i will help you with the registration.

    Your friend,
    PS: You could contact me at for more info. I am at your service.

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