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Thread: Running time: operands in memory versus registers

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    Apr 2008

    Running time: operands in memory versus registers

    Hi, I'm trying to compare the running time for operands in memory versus operands in registers. The specs are below:

    - number of instructions: n
    - 2-addresses per instruction
    - 10 times longer to access memory versus register
    - each instruction has at least 1 memory reference due to fetch operation in fetch/execute cycle

    This is my what I did---please correct me if I'm wrong:

    Instruction with operands in registers:
    10 units of measurement for memory reference in fetch operation + 1 unit for register 1 + 1 unit for register 2 = 12 units

    Instruction with operans in memory:
    10 units (fetch operation) + 10 units for memory address 1 + 10 units for memory address 2 = 30 units

    30/12 = 2.5

    2.5 times longer for operands in memory versus in registers


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    Jul 2008
    I currently live in Bangalore,India
    In your spec, you have specified 2 addresses per instruction.

    When a fetch operation for the instruction happens, the entire instruction including the operands and opcode is got into the instruction register and then decoded and executed..

    so what do u mean when you say the operands can be in memory/registers?

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