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Thread: HELP!! how to import an xml file into java

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    HELP!! how to import an xml file into java


    Can anyone help me? i am trying to import an xml file to java and i am using jcreator le as my editor. I am making a mobile application that uses an xml file. That xml file needs to be updated. And I need to use java as my meduim to modify the xml file.

    thanks! ^_^

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    Welcome to DevX

    What code are you trying that isn't working and what is happening when you try it?

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    Have you looked at any of the classes in the javax.xml packages (there are many)? Seems to me you can find what you need, there, and I see that both JAXP (xml processing) and JAXB (xml binding) are supported in J2ME.

    To explore a mine of information on using Java to work with XML, start your search here:

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