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Thread: VB6 on Vista

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    VB6 on Vista

    Since MS has recently discontinued extended support for VB6 as of March 31, 2008, and therefore will no longer provide additional Service Packs if there is a compatibility issue Vista. I am thinking about upgrading from XP Pro to Vista, but have some concerns.

    Many boards that address the question regarding VB6 and Vista compatibility are somewhat old (12-18 months) and perhaps based on early or beta release. I have two questons...

    a) Will the VB6 IDE properly load and run on Vista?
    b) Will applications developed using VB6 load and run properly on Vista?

    I am seeking a more current response from someone currently developing and deploying applications in VB6 on the Vista platform.

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    Yes, VB6 installs and runs fine on Vista. The VB6 runtime is still supported on Vista and Windows Server 2008, so VB6 applications should run fine on those operating systems, and Microsoft offers technical support for any issues.

    The only issue I've heard of regarding VB6 and Vista is with the SendKeys statement. The issue is discussed (along with workarounds) in this article: . Vista SP1 corrects the problem.
    Phil Weber

    Please post questions to the forums, where others may benefit.
    I do not offer free assistance by e-mail. Thank you!

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    Thanks. One more question...

    I am using Visual Studio Installer that creates an .msi installation file. I assume that Vista will install applications using .msi files - correct?

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    You would need to run the install as an Administrator.

    Also, see the link in my signature for more information on Vista.

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    Not sure that the respondents have tried what you are asking.

    'Yes, VB6 installs and runs fine on Vista.' - Phil, do you mean that it installs ok like on XP?

    I asked a similar question on 09 Mar 08, but the responses seemed to be more along the lines of 'why would you' rather than addressing the question.

    Today (16 Apr 08) Microsoft telephone support enabled me to install VB6 on Vista :-

    Control Panel - Programs - Use an older program with this version of Windows - etc

    Not sure why this info was so hard to come by, but ....

    Hope this helps

    P.S. We have had no problem with users on Vista installing nour app - sometimes need to have Administrator privileges.

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    Sterling Heights, Michigan
    Quote Originally Posted by gupex
    Not sure why this info was so hard to come by, but ....
    Because Microsoft would prefer that everyone make the transition from VB6 to VB.NET - Vista is another subtle nudge in that direction.

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