In my current project, I am required to create a Win XP style help. I am okay
with the earlier Html Help style help system. But in that the look and feel
of the help system is not of Win XP. We did download Microsoft Help SDK for
.NET 2003. It does create some help projects but, the runtime of this help
system is also not that of Win XP.

My questions are :

1. How Win XP style help can be created? Any new version of something say
Html/Microsoft Help for Win XP style help for .NET WinForms?

2. As .net documentation type help runs in dexplore.exe, is there any container(exe)
in which Win XP type help runs?

3. What about dictribution of these help files and their viewers? What if
say I design my help system for .NET (dexplore based) and client does not
have dexplore? Will setup and deployment package of my system (Windows Installer)
install all these required runtimes?

Kindly respond with as much material/links you can give me on this regards.

- Manoj Mittal