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Thread: Creating a database Table From DataTable

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    Creating a database Table From DataTable

    I have a live oracle database and test oracle database. i am copy data from my live to my test system, which doesnt have all of the current table that the live system has. so what i would like to do for a table that doesnt exist in my test system, is create a table in my test system from the datatable i created from my live system. is there a way to do this so that i can any indexes, triggers or any other objects that belong to that table?

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    I believe that you will need to execute the appropriate DDL statements to create the table, indexes, etc. Those database objects will not get created automatically from data in a datatable.

    Kerry Moorman

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    Jan 2007
    i am can write the DDL statements from properties on the datatable like i have done below:

    For Each localColumn As DataColumn In inDatatable.Columns
    Dim localField As String = ""

    localField = localColumn.ColumnName

    If localColumn.DataType.Equals(GetType(String)) Then
    localField = localField & " varchar2(" & localColumn.MaxLength & ")"
    ElseIf localColumn.DataType.Equals(GetType(Date)) Then
    localField = localField & " date"
    ElseIf localColumn.DataType.Equals(GetType(Integer)) Then
    localField = localField & " numeric"
    End If

    If Not localColumn.AllowDBNull Then
    localField = localField & " NOT NULL"
    End If


    i was curious to know if there was way to capture the index, relationships, triggers and all other objects, so that i could recreate those also.

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    Apr 2011
    Thanx a lot christianbg..... i was finding this solution from long time b4 nd now i got it.... thnx again.....

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