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Thread: Unable to view source of code rendered by AJAX

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    Unable to view source of code rendered by AJAX


    In my jsp page i have defined a div as below :

    <div id="editArea" > </div>

    Using ajax i am rendering an output of another jsp to this div area as :

    document.getElementById("editArea").innerHTML = ajaxObj.responseText;

    This is working fine.

    But page rendered does not show any source code of DIV innerHTML content.
    i.e. when i right click on my browser content area and select view source.
    Nothing gets displayed in <DIV> tag, whereas the output is clearly visible on JSP page.

    Please explain me why.

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    May 2008
    I notice the same thing when viewing source (in Firefox) but when looking at the HTML in Firebug, the HTML the page got from Ajax (the innerHTML) is there. Maybe that will point you in the right direction to figure out what's happening. (Evidently the HTML is being put on the page - but View Source may be looking at the initial load or something.)

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    when using ajax to append text onto an element it does not create viewable source code. You are not doing anything wrong it simply does not create any viewable source through the normal right click view source method. If you get the firefox developers toolkit you can use that to "view generated source" and see what is actuly going on.
    Home this helps

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