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Thread: declaring member fn of class template outside does not work! :((

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    May 2008

    Angry declaring member fn of class template outside does not work! :((

    hi i am unable to declare member functions of a template class outside it. what i am doing is something simple on VC++ 2008 express edition.
    In a header file the following
    template <class T> class Queue
    	Queue(const int &int_size, Logger *ptr_LOGGER);
           // ..............
    template <class T> class FrameQ:public Queue<T>
      FrameQ(const int &int_size, const Logger *ptr_LOGGER);
           // ..............
    In the corresp c++ file the member function delarations for the class templates
    template<class T> Queue<T>::Queue(const int &int_size, Logger *ptr_LOGGER):
    template <class T> FrameQ<T>::FrameQ(const int &int_size, const Logger *ptr_LOGGER):Queue<T>(int_size, ptr_LOGGER)
    okay so i have another cpp file and i compile it and there is no problem. but the $hit happens when i add this in the main and link it
    int main(int argc, char **argv)
    FrameQ<int>* frameQ = new FrameQ<int>(5, NULL);
    delete frameQ ;
    return 1;
    The linker error i get is
    error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "public: __thiscall Queue<int>::Queue<int>(int const &,class Logger *)"
    similarly i get error for the destructors and any function i attempt to access using frameQ ->fn()

    what is the problem here? i thought it was to do with my dated vc++ 2003 complier, so i went and installed vc++ 2008 express and spent around 3hours compiling my project libs. but still the same @!$&*#% problem

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    Dec 2007
    the functions for which you get a linker error are only declared in the header file. they are defined in the implementation file (.cpp/.cc).

    the pedantic answer would be: to use templates without their definition being visible, they must be exported. ie. in the .cpp, they must be defined this way:
    #include "header file"
    export template<class T> 
    Queue<T>::Queue(const int &int_size, Logger *ptr_LOGGER) // ... 
    // etc
    however, most current compilers do not support the export keyword. ( Comeau C++ being the notable exception)

    a practical solution would be: move the definitions from the .cpp to the header file (and throw the now empty .cpp file away).

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    Nov 2003
    Intel's compiler also supports export but it doesn't admit that. This is an undocumented feature. They probably weren't that happy with how their export is implemented so they decided to turn it off by default. Practically, export is dead. So the only viable approach is the inclusion model whereby the definition of every template is included in every translation unit that uses that template.
    Danny Kalev

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