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Thread: Get text from forms and paste into another form?

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    AJAX widget that copies nominated fields from one form to another?

    We currently send the users' data around between different destinations for them using XML but whenever we add a destination it is a tedious process of us matching the new destination's form fields with our standardised fields.

    It would be happioer times for everyone if we were able to system to replace this.

    We want to be able to collect the data into our 'standardised' form without having to match/map each individual field from all the forms via XML into our stadardised 'tool' form.

    I was thinking perhaps it might be possible to have each user who is entering data to activate a tool and then (somehow) match the fields themselves from their original form to our form. Then then whenever they activate the tool in the future it will always copy between those original and tool fields (unless they wished to edit it at sometime). So, I am thinking of some sort of AJAX widget I guess, that can copy nominated fields from one form to another?

    Does that sound doeable?
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