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Thread: best way to build a query

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    Mar 2008

    best way to build a query

    i have a table with all records that people say about a product for example

    field: id , date, comment, product_owner_id

    imagine that i have 100 records of comment for a product and 250 for other product and none for other product and now i want say that:

    owner 1 have:
    -product 1 have 100 records
    -product 2 have 250 records
    -product 3 have 0 records

    owner 2 have:
    -product 1 have 0 records
    -product 2 have 0 records
    -product 3 have 110 records

    and so long, there is a way to build a simple query that donīt spend very resource of cpu? the db that i using is mysql

    thanks a lot for your help


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    Apr 2007
    Sterling Heights, Michigan
    An output of 0 would be difficult insofar as those records don't exist. I suppose you could check to see if there was a return, and if not, programmatically list them as 0.

    Anyway, for those records that do exist, try
    SELECT product_owner_id, id, COUNT(*)
    FROM yourtable
    GROUP BY product_owner_id, id

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    Mar 2008
    thanks a lot for your help this works lilke i wanted

    i have more one question that may be this place is not the best...

    i want save a value in real time using php/ajax/javascript/mysql
    imagine this: you have a list of items and want check the items that you liked and them when you select/unselect the items they are saved in real time into mysql db i have see same like this working with cookies and not for all browsers i have see other way to do this not save but get the value without submit or reload the page any one know how can i do that?
    the ideia is save a value of a checkbox for example when i check/uncheck them when i want consult the items that i have checked they will prompt a list that is saved in db

    thanks for your help

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