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Thread: Web Service first hit delay

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    Exclamation Web Service first hit delay

    Hi everybody,

    Here is the question.
    I have win form appl (C#) witch accesses the web service (ASP.NET, C#), multiple instances of appl hast to be used on different machines, everything works but, during the first hit, doesn’t matter from witch machine, it takes about 25-30 sec to get an answer, then more machines trying to access it simultaneously then slower 4 – 5 machines will bring it to 40-45 sec, every following request is done in 5 sec, if client closes appl and starts it right back, so here is no problems with web service timeout because appl is started literally right after closing, again first request will take in about 40-45 sec and every following will take 5 sec. Web service do not indentifies the client in any way, its ready to answer to anybody who’ll call its method. As far as I know web service, as any other web appl, because of HTTP is stateless but it seems like web service remembers each instance of appl and rebuilds or constructs something every time new instance is calling it.
    So the question is what may cause this delay during first hit of web service and how I can decries this delay?

    Thank you.

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    Most likely your application pool is recycling in IIS for the web service. Generally the default for this is 20 minutes. Once the pool expires all DLL's are unloaded from memory to conserve server resources. You (or your host) will just need to up that timeout from 20 minutes to whatever suits you best. If all of your clients are running from 8-5 for instance, I would recommend a 2-4 hour window. When the first person hits it at 8AM it will take a minute for everything to load, but then everyone else should see perfect performance.

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    Digitall is correct. I read something to this same question over at and they said its pretty simple change in IIS. Do it yourself or contact your host, hopefully they will allow this change.

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