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Thread: Cross-platform mobile development

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    Jun 2008

    Cross-platform mobile development

    Hi All,

    I'm looking for some thoughts on developing a non-web mobile app that will have to sync it's data with a desktop app (when cradle/connected). Of course, my client wants it to run on everything. Is something like this feasible?

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    Jan 2005
    Feasible if you have a huge budget.

    If not , Start of by first identifying your target mobiles, and then map out the top technology you need to develop for. Start from there, release the app...make some money, develop for the next technology...

    It wont take much time or money developing for J2ME and Windows maybe you can do those together...

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    Nov 2003
    Run on everything is practically impossible, unless you have a huge budget and no deadlines. You need to focus on more specific targets, say Symbian or J2ME and then develop for that target, knowing that at a certain point of time you may have to customize and port the core app to new targets.
    Danny Kalev

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