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Thread: how build a query with some rules...

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    how build a query with some rules...

    have this rows:

    id , point, id_vendedor

    if i want know how many counts the id_vendedor i do this:
    SELECT id_vendedor, COUNT(id_vendedor) FROM
    table where id_vendedor like '84' GROUP BY id_vendedor

    and they return this: vendedor [id] have 5 records in total
    so far so good but now i want creat a sub-count that say this:

    vendedor x have 5 records in total ( like he say now)
    and have 3 point = 1 and 2 point =0
    how can i do that?
    thanks for your help

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    Quote Originally Posted by jason213123
    vendedor x have 5 records in total ( like he say now)
    and have 3 point = 1 and 2 point =0
    I don't understand this part. What do you need to get from here?

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    Don't know what database you are using so you may need to change the Abs() function to one that works for your database.
    Abs() means absolute value, so all negative values become positive.
    If Point = 0 then on most systems -1 is returned for True and zero for False.
    Abs(Point = 0) forces True to be 1 and False will still be zero.
    This way only True values get summed. So If Point = 0 then it will be Summed under the Point0 column; but If Point = 1 then it will be summed under the Point1 column.
    Now if Point is always a 1 or a zero then you only need to do a Sum(Point) for the Point1 column, but you still need the Sum(Abs(Point = 0)) for the Point0 column
    SELECT id_vendedor, COUNT(id_vendedor), 
    Sum(Abs(Point = 0)) As Point0, Sum(Abs(Point = 1)) As Point1
    FROM table 
    WHERE id_vendedor Like '84' 
    GROUP BY id_vendedor

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