I am looking fro some real world examples of Agile project in particular MSF 4.0 for development methodology combined with Scrums for management.


Currently our company uses the water fall model, but new developments I believe are better suited to Agile. To this end I am trailing out Agile on a new project. The project is for a data centric application, with a multi deployment model. It is written VS2008 Vb.Net we are already design it to be test driven and starting to use NUNIT. I know Team system is supposed natural option but I find it difficult to justify based on the fact that most Open source seems to do a better job if less integrated and they have moved some functions from VS2008 into VSTS and now want us to pay for it. I canít complain too much as VS2008 is fantastic tool

Anyway we are struggling with documentation , types required and level of detail required to keep the process streamline but also repeatable/ supportable. When looking there are hundreds if not thousands of articles on Agile and loads of templates, but I canít find any real world examples,
ē This is after 2 years of looking , lately the team has made it real priority to find examples but to no avail.
ē being a Microsoft partner we have asked Microsoft directly but they canít pin point any
ē We have downloaded various trial software with supposed examples , but it is always templates.
ē We have bought books that have said they have examples. I have hassled the authors.

I was hoping that end to end examples would be available, groups/people say they are working on them but it appears that they have been working on them for years. I thought competitions were held for best developments and I could get the examples from them.

I understand that you make agile your own and you have to tailor it to suit your needs, so examples are not useful but I need to see
- types and level of details that go into docs
- how information cascades from requiremenet,UAC, design to unit tests code etc.
- how you provide traceability
- how you provide auditable solutions, that show you have to external auditors how review and approval was performed.

For example I really hate documentation use of modelling diagrams and class digrams, properly source code is my aim but what should it look like. I really donít want to repeat the mistakes and pitfalls others fall in. ( I am really afraid we will fail not because of Agile but because we donít have a complete project, sceptics reviewing it will find too many holes. )

I hope this makes sense.