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Thread: Firefox slow to update after modifying DOM

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    Firefox slow to update after modifying DOM

    I am having a problem that so far I have only seen on one computer, but if one does, others might also. The issue occurs in Firefox 3 when my JavaScript code uses a div to draw a box on the screen as the user drags the mouse. As I drag the mouse and the code modifies the div's width and height, the right and bottom borders would frequently flicker and disappear. It is very noticeable.

    I experimented by giving the div a silver background color and adding an inner div offset on all sides by 5px. I took a screen shot as I dragged the mouse (see attachments). I found that the inner div's right and bottom borders were at the edge of the region filled with the silver background instead of being 5 pixels within it. Therefore, it appears that Firefox is changing the size of the div, but is delayed in drawing in the newly covered area of the screen.

    Maybe this is a Firefox bug, but I wanted to see if anybody had any thoughts about it. The problem only occurs in Firefox 3 (Firefox 2 works fine), and thus far, I have only seen it on one computer. In fact, I tried it in FF3 on a Virtual PC running on that same computer and it worked fine. I tried using a different FF profile to see how it worked without any add-ons loaded, but that had no effect. Any ideas what is causing this problem?
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