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Thread: email problem

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    Oct 2005

    Arrow email problem

    I still can't receive any email notification about new topic reply in my subscribed topics. this was and still happening since a while and dont know why ..

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    Feb 2004
    Indianapolis, IN
    Your settings look fine on our side. You might want to verify that they are not going into your gmail spam folder. You should add as a contact in your gmail contacts as well since that can sometimes help prevent the spam filters from catching the emails.

    Bradley L. Jones
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    Oct 2005
    I dont know what's wrong exactly I got a notification about your reply, but for example in web section,or in c++ I never get any notifications ..

    I of course have whitelisted and I check my spam folder reguliary and doesn't contains anything , any other ideas ?
    Thanks anyway .

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    Nov 2003
    Portland, OR
    FWIW, I also do not receive notifications for most of my watched threads. This has been the case for several months. Perhaps something broke with the most recent vBulletin upgrade?
    Phil Weber

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    Apr 2007
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    On the other hand, I receive emails on all subscribed sections and replies to any thread in which I post.

    Amahdy: As a test, create a Yahoo mail box, and set that as your default. I'm wondering if the email notifications would start coming through.

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    Jan 2005
    the answer to this issue is always the same, the e-mail provider is failing to deliver them. If you change the e-mail in your account to a Hotmail or Gmail account (not Yahoo or AOL) you'll see the e-mails will arrive, albeit in the junk folder.

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    Oct 2005
    As "Brad" said I'm using Gmail .
    I think I have detected the bug but I'm not sure if you guys have access to the source code or maybe request a bug-fix or upgrade from vBulltion :
    >the user receive notification about "first" reply in the topic and never receive other notifications until he visits the thread;
    >>for some reason when the user input a reply, he is considered as "haven't visited thread yet" : this hapens by considering his input as a "reply" and he should reload the thread or re-open it to be able to receive updates.
    here is the sequence chart:

    should be:
    my input = subscibed >>> reply1 >>> email notification >>> reply2, 3 ..etc & no more notifications until visiting the thread

    what happens:
    my input = subscibed [BUG=> considered as reply so no more notifications until visiting the thread], broke this by reload the thread, re-open .. re-visit ... etc .

    HACK: because u r a (super mod.) then u should normally receive notifications about everything happening like "reply" , "new thread" ... etc and this is immediate and doesn't follow any rule mentioned before.

    JPNYC: do u have any log that demonstrate that there is an email delivery happened ? maybe I'm wrong with this bug .

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