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Thread: Strange problem with Ajax , scrollbars and page height

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    Sep 2008

    Strange problem with Ajax , scrollbars and page height

    Hi all
    I have an strange problem I don't know how to explain that but I'll try my best
    look at picture 1.gif which I attached
    this is a page that I load some date with ajax in that the blue are is a table with height 100%
    so If I load data in that automatically it changes table height, look at scrollbar , it show we have some data in bottom of screen so we can scroll that to see them
    now I click on a link in this page that uses ajax to load some new data in same table , look at file 2.gif which I attached , see table heigh decreased but look at scroll bar , it is still in previouse position I mean if you scroll down you can see blank screen in bottom of the page, I don'' have any think in bottom of the page its empty in that page there is only one table for ajax results,
    the funny section is that if I a little play with scroll bar browser detect height of table and remove scroll bar
    at first I thought its a browser bug but I tested that with IE7 , 6 ,Firefox , and opera all of them are same
    I seached internet to fine something javascript to control page height but nothing ...
    I don't know how to fix this problem
    please help me
    I tested every thing CSSs and table properties and DIVs ...
    but nothing...
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    Sep 2008
    somebody help me , I need that

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