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Thread: Masters degree in US

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    Sep 2008

    Masters degree in US

    Hello Brothers

    I have completed my graduation in B.Sc. in Computer Science & Engineering.Now I am servicing as a Software Engineer in a outsourcing company.We use C#.NET,ASP.NET and SQL Server etc.I love to code.

    I want to complete my masters degree from US. i am in doubt to choose my Subject such Masters in Computer Science or Software Engineering or Information Technology or Game Programming or anything else,so that my Masters degree can impact on my Career. Can anyone help me to give some advices which subject will be perfect for my career?

    Can anyone give me some College and University names in US where part-time jobs are available and total tution fees within US$ 26000 and among main and busiest cities?

    With Best Regard.

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    Sterling Heights, Michigan
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    same question from me too

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