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Thread: Office/VSTO Forum?

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    Sep 2007

    Office/VSTO Forum?

    Just wondering, what are the possibilities of starting a "Office/VSTO Programming" forum? Office is becomming a huge platform for developers with VSTO and when you include SharePoint it's even bigger. May help to have a specific forum for these questions moving forward instead of them being buried in the .NET forum.

    Just a thought.
    John Wiese
    ISV Architect Evangelist - Microsoft

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    Feb 2004
    Indianapolis, IN
    I agree that SharePoint is growing and getting lots of interest; however, we've tried VSTO and Office Development on some of our other, higher trafficed forums and they forums just don't draw a lot of traffic. If you can show five new threads a week on the topic in the existing forums for an extended period ( couple of months), then we will spin the topic out into its own forum area.

    Bradley L. Jones
    Author, and more.
    QuinStreet Enterprise Network / Network
    (,, DevX, jGuru, and more!)


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    Apr 2007
    Sterling Heights, Michigan
    The Office questions (primarily Excel VBA) get posted in the Classic VB section, and that seems to work well.

    I have seen five VBA questions in a week....and gone an entire month or more with no VBA questions at all. The VBA related questions we get really aren't either numerous enough or consistent enought to merit a separate Office section (at least not at this point.)

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